your analysis and dissatisfaction with my level of communication is not going to make me want to relate to you more. why don't you take the pressure off me and maybe things will evolve naturally into a friendship - you can't try to force one or talk someone into it. it reminds me of you trying to talk me into staying your girlfriend - it doesn't make sense. why don't you just accept that when i send you a chatty email about regular things that i am giving you what i have to give you right then, and not demand more. if you keep demanding more, you might get nothing - so why not just accept how things are and if you have higher hopes than why don't parlay those hopes into hopes for the future. if you want us to be good friends then give me a reason to want to be your friend - give me space and be cool instead of pressuring and analysizing. i don't want to engage with you in any more relationship dialogues - that part of our relationship is over - so if you want to communicate, then please try to deal and not put all these expectations on me about what i'm supposed to have to give you.