this one meant it, there is no part two

i assure you my actions have absolutely nothing to do with other boys. silly torturous games have never really been my bag. they have everything to do with how your bravado exceeds the boundary of humor, at times brandishing its way toward the zone of anti-friendship...or what i like to call the anti-cruise. i've never been known to mince words: do you treat all your friends with a piquant blend of ambivalence and antipathy or merely those with whom you have been intimate? in other words, do you threaten me with your obligation and self-righteousness because i slept with you or because you are a cruel person by nature? it seems counter-intuitive that you would treat me with less respect than your other friends...or anyone for that matter. and let's skip the part where you feign not knowing what the freak i am talking (excuse preposition at the end of the sentence) about.