i could let you continue your insistent stream of apologies but it's getting tiresome. regardless of whether or not you mean the things you write, i'd rather not hear your vague apologies about 'being awful' when i don't think you understand what that means. or what it felt like from my end.

and it's good to know you are capable of a 'minimal amount of exchange of information and concern.' that's what i've always wanted from someone i have an 'amicable and truly peaceful acquaintanceship/co-existence' with...a minimum of conversation and concern. do you expect me to jump at the chance for someone to minimally care about me? hold me back, please.

hard as it may be to believe, i had long let go of any animosity or bitterness by the time you wrote me again. though i initially thought you a complete jackass with nothing but a dick for a brain, i quickly banished such immature and unwholesome thoughts from my head and simply hoped that you would someday recognize the ass that you were and appreciate me for something more than the borderline ocpd _______ with which you had a 1.5-night stand.