et tu brute?

you know exactly what i'm asking and what I'm talking about. How could you not? Oh, or did you forget that we've been emailing quite personally for about a, not that you would beleive me if I said I didn't care anymore but PLEASE. Quit pretending and avoiding your wished-for self and reality. With responses like that you don't even deserve my little lecture. But I will give it to you anyway becasue I happen to be a person who engages people with authenticity. You on the other hand, and in a conveniently existential manner, feel compelled to insult me with your complete absense of acknowledgement that at some point I realized that what I thought was a "special" thing between us was really just some experiement. So excuse me for inquiring if that mattered to you. Asshole. I hope you use this to support more of your quasi-social experiment shit art that you've used me for. You present yourself much smarter than that but you know are SUCH a typical guy. Really. And the way you pretend not to know how to respond whenever I ask you a personal question (whether you do this unconsiously or not) is such what a typical guy does. A true artist wouldn't be so typical. Picasso at least was brutal. You are wayyyy to calculated and robotic in your emotional responses to people to ever be an artist. good luck.