Working Versus Not Working

I got this negative feedback when I posted Working Versus Not Working on a forum, which apparently, is supposed to be about San Francisco Politics. And here's where it happened.

Ian Goes West
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(3/25/01 5:49:05 pm)

THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MESSAGE BOARD. It is not an "argument" - it's just spam.

And Jesus, what crap. Not the "edgy and clever content that I just don't get" kind of crap, more the "I guess if people come look at my moronic site it must be working" kind of crap.

I'm surprised the Moderator allowed even your last post, since it's a MARKED departure from the thoughtful conversations on this board. How many message boards are you trolling with this nonsense? And you have the nerve to rant about junk e-mail!

I sure hope you're 16 years old, baconbits, otherwise you're spending way too much time on content that really isn't as edgy, clever, topical, or necessary as you think, notwithstanding your thin veneer of poser world-weariness.

If you ARE 16 years old, then it's sort of funny, but only like reading FRONTLINES was sort of funny, in a nauseous kind of way (a San Francisco reference! We're back on topic!)

- Ian lives in San Francisco, he is a poet, playright and free-lance writer. SOMETIMES IAN GETS VERY ANGRY.

I sent this for publication in the L.A. Weekly. I know they got it because:
From: Ron Athey
Date: Friday, October 26, 2001 1:42 PM
To: bacon@

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately the material you sent does not suit our needs. Thanks for considering The Weekly.


Ron Athey
Assistant to the Editor
Of course, I can't help but wonder just what exactly are the L.A. Weekly's 'needs'.

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