Wow Matthew,


I see youíre from Cleveland as I sit here perusing editorial staff on 3am Magazine, which is the magazine you edit. So I thought I should share this flash project I did using local photographs, from around here, in Cleveland, which is where you are from. It takes a long time to load but if you have high speed it should load, and not take too long.Then you have to click the little sign on the first pic in order to start the slideshow. After you click it, it will start. It should be playing some music the whole time, to set the mood. After your mood has been set, you will then enjoy the pictures. Let me know if you would change anything. Iím always open to suggestions, especially from you. Thanks again and please excuse this unsolicited email. Itís part of a personal problem of mine, which I assure you only the finest people are working on.




Auguste Bacon