Email Survey

I have made new and lasting friendships with someone I met on the internet
1. Many times.
2. A few times.
3. One or two times.
4. I have, but the Lord keeps taking them away.
5. Never.
If YES, then
1. It was on purpose, because Iím in control.
2. It was by chance. Perhaps I was on some forum or something. Yes, that must be it.
3. It was work related. Yes, work related.
4. It was because they had a website, or I had a website.
5. More than one answer (see next question).
If you chose 5 above, it was
1. 1 and 2.
2. 1 and 3.
3. How could it not be 1 if it's 4?
4. 1 or 2 and 4 but not 3.
5. My brain is swelling, someone needs to drill a hole in it.
I have actually hung out with someone I met on the internet
1. Many times.
2. A few times.
3. One or two times.
4. Never, but I totally would.
5. Never.
If No, then it's because
1. Meeting people on the internet is cheesy.
2. Meeting people on the internet is dangerous.
3. I just donít spend enough time online.
4. My wife/girlfriend would divorce/spit on me.
5. Iím too shy, ugly, tired, happy, etc.
Meeting people on the internet allows you to make friends with more in common.
1. So true.
2. True, but to deny the importance of physical chemistry is folly.
3. What he said.
4. True, but I canít afford the ticket.
5. The only person I want to meet is Ben Affleck..
Because of email, the number of friends I keep in touch with is
1. A ton more.
2. A lot more.
3. A little more.
4. The same.
5. Many fewer, what is my problem?
The quality of email communication with my friends is
1. Great, ask them.
2. Great, but donít ask them.
3. Just fine, thank you very much.
4. Needs minor repairs.
5. Needs complete overhaul.
I have had major miscommunications with friends on email
1. Frequently because I canít express myself for shit; can you help me?
2. Frequently. I express myself fine; my friends are just dumb.
3. Frequently, but thatís okay.
4. Would have happened anyway. Some people need to misunderstand.
5. Never.
Because of email, the amount of time I spend with friends is
1. More.
2. Same.
3. Less.
4. Less is more.
5. Not sure of anything ever since I moved to Alaska.
Because of email, the quality of my friendships is
1. Better.
2. The same, it was already perfect.
3. More friends overall, lower quality per friendship.
4. Worse.
5. Itís hard to explain, and you canít make me.
My feelings about email are best summed up as
1. Love it.
2. Hate it.
3. Love and hate it.
4. Hate you.
5. Not sure, need more time.