The Email Project

The explanation You Were Never Meant To See

The point of this page, other than for this type of reason, is to demonstrate my little theory that even the seemingly mundane can be funny, amusing, readable when taken out of context. Or maybe the mundane isn’t so mundane after all. Think of it as ‘Antiques Roadshow’, but instead of items from someone’s attic, it’s emails from my inbox, which don’t have a price. Also, I’m fascinated with the idea of emails as a record of human interaction. Letters would work too, but this is easier, and I have more of them. Cave scratchings are right out. Translated into modern art gallery guide: ‘The viewer is invited to read the email snippets and begin to imagine the context or relationship between sender and sendee. These are windows into real people’s thoughts, experiences, feelings.’ And they would all kill me if they knew I were doing this. T.L. would especially kill me, but not only that, but he would criticize the entire project without even saying ‘but it has potential’ or ‘maybe you could get into a workshop’ or even ‘your parents are nice.’ So

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