Now Defunct Websites

The Wine Boobs Wine Reviews
Rarely do you read something about wine that is so funny you have to pound the nearest piece of furniture. This site has gobs of humorous essays and wine tasting reports, which read like little off-the-wall mini-plays. Made from very low yields, as it is updated every few months. The result is a highly concentrated beverage, without excessive sediment.

The Logos
Young, clever, fresh from college. The admirable literary magazine by 22-24 year olds. The talent is there, but the money never is. We salute them, and wait. Here's a nice piece by my once and future ex-girlfriend Erin Casey.

Lileks Permanent Gallery of Impermanent Art
The Institute of Regrettable Food was good (link not working?). And apparently, it's just some guy, in Minnesota for crying out lout. Unbelievable. The story of bread is good too.

Here Is Work Room
Okay. I'm not sure if these people are as cool as I think they are, or if it's just my perception. And does it matter? I don't know, probably, that was just bullshit. But anyway, when I go to this site, I go to another world, namely, my idea of South Korea. It's like they actually live the whole Voltron, Power Ranger thing. It's like a team effort in artistic endeavour. That's just not the way it is in America. Oh, to be twenty and in South Korea. Here is Work Room.