Official Guide To Choosing A Major
Ah...them crazy, crazy chickens

  • Econ, PolyEc - a great major because of the money making possibilities. Remember, 'I-banking always needs more people!'

  • Math - great for those who didn't quite learn to count in high school.

  • Computer Science - even better than mathematics, because the computer does the counting for you!

  • Philosophy - great fiscal opportunities if you go into law school, but one drawback is required ability to grow facial hair.

  • Music, Art - uncertain financial prospects, great hours.

  • Chemistry - good for those who never quite outgrew the home chemistry set phase.

  • Classics - ?

  • Asian Studies, American Studies - good for studying Asians, Americans.

  • Anthro - good for those interested in anthropology.

  • Russian - helpful if you want to go over to the former Soviet Union and kill people.

  • English - helpful if you want to go over to England and kill people.

  • History - those who will not forget the past are condemned to major in it.

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