This is the chat log from the first collaborative online drawing session in history.


<Anon_100> hello

<Anon_100> nice job

<Anon_82> holly g -- start now -- skip to song 2

<Anon_100> my speaker is off

<Anon_100> where are you?

<Anon_82> dam u'r speaker

<Anon_100> can I ask your name? I'm just facinataed by this collaboration

<Anon_100> and I'm bored

<Anon_82> then you are kate

<Anon_82> i need  a drawing tablet

<Anon_82> dammit

<Anon_82> and my mouse drifts too much

<Anon_82> and this damn world keeps spinning.

<Anon_100> I guess being serious and focused is always a good thing

<Anon_82> and this applet needs more features

<Anon_82> just a few more

<Anon_100> you're doing pretty good. I like the cloud man but that bug is a bit scary

<Anon_82> scary=good

<Anon_82> emotion=success

<Anon_100> constant upgrade and improvement are also good

<Anon_82> amen

<Anon_100> are you american?

<Anon_82> i have to go do some unimportant things

<Anon_82> yes

<Anon_82> american!

<Anon_82> america #4!

<Anon_82> yay!

<Anon_100> wow.

<Anon_100> I don't know many americans. I'm a korean living in london.

<Anon_82> americans suck.

<Anon_100> I'm planning to go to US next year but I'm pretty worried

<Anon_82> koreans rule!

<Anon_100> about over enthusiastic positive people

<Anon_82> hahaha! i'm working on it

<Anon_82> in seconds a very depressed person should be logging in

<Anon_100> I'm so used to British or korean cynicism

<Anon_100> I love depressed people.

<Anon_100> I'm planning to go to LA and I hope I can find some depressed friends there

<Anon_82> sweet. i'll hook you up when you go there.

<Anon_100> cool. cheers for kind words

<Anon_82> let me know

<Anon_82> i'll name names

<Anon_100> I don't know anybody in US and I've never been there

<Anon_100> but I'm applying PhD there because of the scholarships and stuff. I have to go where the money is

<Anon_82> that's cool.

<Anon_100> and I've been a tourist in london for 6 years and I'm kind of done with it

<Anon_82> tourist?

<Anon_100> well - lived, studied, worked here but I always felt like a tourist

<Anon_100> wow, Anon_82, are you the person who runs the website?

<Anon_82> this drawing thing is fun as shit.

<Anon_100> well it's got some appeal

<Anon_82> that's what anon_100 said

<Anon_82> ...

<Anon_100> I like it. and I love your website! it's so cool!

<Anon_82> what have you been studying in sunny london

<Anon_82> thanks

Anon_8 logs in and starts labeling thing. Anon_8 writes “ghost” next to one of the images.

<Anon_82> i never said it was a ghost

<Anon_82> hey. everybody.

<Anon_82> click on daniel johnston link

<Anon_82> top left

<Anon_82> do it in 10

<Anon_82> 9

<Anon_82> 8

<Anon_82> 7

<Anon_82> 6

<Anon_82> 5

<Anon_82> 4

<Anon_82> 3

<Anon_82> 2

<Anon_82> 1

<Anon_82> NOW!!!!

<Anon_37> no it's making me have to hear something

<Anon_37> i'm doing a rush file

<Anon_37> can only waste 10 seconds at a time

<Anon_82> rush!"?!

<Anon_82> it's going to change how we draw!

<Anon_37> xtra clams

<Anon_82> i'll clam you

<Anon_82> razor clams...

<Anon_82> that is

<Anon_37> seriously that spider is the shit

That spider was the shit.

<Anon_82> thank u

<Anon_82> when i get my drawing tablet

<Anon_82> everything is going to be more representational

<Anon_82> and worse

<Anon_37> it looks just like the one on my bathroom floor the other day that was missing two legs on one side

<Anon_82> i think i have it set to chat to AL:

<Anon_37> but still it was all spidery

<Anon_82> ALL

<Anon_37> running around acting like nothing was wrong

<Anon_82> you worship insects

<Anon_37> bullshit

<Anon_37> i gotta go

<Anon_37> but i've saved the spider

<Anon_37> i'll be back to check on you fux later

<Anon_37> there're like 8 people in here

<Anon_82> lurkers

<Anon_37> i can't see where I can make me have a name

<Anon_82> you just type in the name box

<Anon_82> and a name appears

<Anon_37> o there it is

<sugarsanchez> haha

<Anon_82> haha

<Anon_82> ish

<Anon_82> it's kinda like 5 people being in a bathroom stall at the same time

<Anon_82> cocaine!@!1

<cislunar> haha

<sugarsanchez> dang it this thing is making my whole desktop flicker

<sugarsanchez> i can't work in these conditions

<Anon_82> huh

<Anon_82> huh

<sugarsanchez> must exit for now

<Anon_82> i'm sorry about your computer sucking.

<sugarsanchez> OMG

<sugarsanchez> this is what my guy is dictating right now

<sugarsanchez> (he's a crim. psychologist)

<sugarsanchez> "According to the police report, the incident began on July 31, 2007, around 11:30 p.m.  The defendant allegedly drilled a hole in the ceiling of his apartment into the apartment above him, shoved in some pipes, and apparently attempted to introduce some type of noxious substance."

<Anon_82> should i like have scheduled group draw sessions

<sugarsanchez> FUCKING AWESOME

<Anon_82> do NOT clip and paste!

<sugarsanchez> i did it

<sugarsanchez> haha

<sugarsanchez> read it

<sugarsanchez> READ IT

<sugarsanchez> you should be reading that thing and loving it

<Anon_82> dude. i've totally done that.

<sugarsanchez> did it work?

<Anon_82> how can you be bored in london?!

<Anon_82> just go get a curry or something.

<cislunar> well it's all same wherever you go

<Anon_82> bah

<Anon_82> bah!

<cislunar> I watched a bergman film

<cislunar> saraband

<Anon_82> me too

<cislunar> it's all same wherever you are; watching dvd, reading books and occasional fun

<Anon_82> i saw it when it opened in new york. liv ullman was there.

<sugarsanchez> i'll be back

<cislunar> cool. I liked it. and I think maybe there are many disfunctional families in Sweden

<Anon_82> oh definitely

<cislunar> quite similar to autumn sonata in that way

<Anon_82> i need to figure out a way to make a thing where i can control the music so it can all be syncd for ppl like a radio station.

<cislunar> that sounds like a cool idea

<cislunar> so we can all draw, chat, listen to music together

<cislunar> add a chess or a game too

<Anon_82> actually i think you can add games.

<Anon_82> not sure about chess.

<cislunar> Is US different from UK?

<Anon_82> towtally!

<Anon_82> i almost blew it up once

<cislunar> I came to london 6 years ago and it was ok as I was young and naive.

<Anon_82> and don't forget korean!

<cislunar> now I'm trying to move to US next year and now I'm a bit worried like a granma

<Anon_82> who is your granma?

<cislunar> yes, I'm a korean from head to toe

<Anon_82> is she worried?

Anon_21 logs in and begins doodling.

<cislunar> I also heard that koreans has a bad reputation in US

<cislunar> here is sort of ok cos people don't know about korea or koreans

<cislunar> no no I'm worried like an old woman!

<Anon_82> i just realized if ppl log in

<Anon_82> they don't get the previous chatting.

<Anon_82> that bytes!

<Anon_82> they can't get caught up

<cislunar> I gotta go to bed now. it's already half past one here

<Anon_82> ok

<Anon_82> come back.

<Anon_82> later

<cislunar> hey, really nice to meet you

<Anon_82> oh shit!

<Anon_82> my spider!!!

<cislunar> it's my honor!

<cislunar> oh shit what have you done

<Anon_82> it wasn't me

<Anon_82> it was anon_21

<Anon_82> sucks!

<cislunar> I didn't like the spider from the begining anyway

<Anon_82> perhaps ephemerality is overrated

<cislunar> especially it had a scary face

<Anon_82> wha? didn't like the spider!

<Anon_82> someone stomped it

<cislunar> now the face is covered so it's ok

<Anon_82> yeah but the cute girl is ruined

<cislunar> was it a girl? didn' know

<Anon_82> i wish i had saved it

<cislunar> that's life

<Anon_82> ok

<cislunar> anyway, hope to see you again!

<cislunar> good night~

<cislunar> for me

<cislunar> bye