connected: ezChat version 0.54
ColdBacon: come on babies?
ColdBacon: iím her
ColdBacon: e
ColdBacon: and iím totally wasted
ColdBacon: one person in room
ColdBacon: iím running out of
ColdBacon: fuck
ColdBacon: parmigiano
ColdBacon: hello
(saint and joined)
saint and: ah, itís you
ColdBacon: whatís that you say?
saint and: donít let me interrupt you talking shit about me
ColdBacon: oh i was.
saint and: why are you so lucky to be drinking on a friday
ColdBacon: at 11 am?
ColdBacon: i started at 8
ColdBacon: iím about to fall over
ColdBacon: i drink
ColdBacon: and fall over
ColdBacon: iím done
saint and: 8! you may have beaten my record
ColdBacon: round the outside
ColdBacon: i have all my mp3ís with me
saint and: what the hell is a mp3
ColdBacon: [parmigiano flying around like cow shrapnel]
ColdBacon: somehow keeps finding my mouth
ColdBacon: itís bc Iím a lightweight
ColdBacon: lately
saint and: not for lack of drinking?
ColdBacon: yes
ColdBacon: this is only the 2nd time this week
ColdBacon: [more shrapnel]
saint and: have you ever seen Arrested Development?
ColdBacon: communist propaganda
ColdBacon: no
ColdBacon: doesnít sound black enough for me
ColdBacon: i mean have you seen my home page lately?
(panreatic anonymity logs in but does not enter chat room)
ColdBacon: pancreatic twat. she totally just dissed us
ColdBacon: she browsed for like 15 mins then left
saint and: sheís intimidated
ColdBacon: twat
saint and: by my beauty
ColdBacon: so am i
ColdBacon: but you donító
ColdBacon: i donít know where Iím going with this
(3 minutes later)
ColdBacon: shaved chicken
saint and: ha
saint and: pancreatic = too shy
ColdBacon: pancreatic = twat
saint and: so youíre drinking all day then?
ColdBacon: Iím sleeping in 5 minutes
saint and: ok I have to go get some work done
saint and: fuck
(saint and left)

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