One Could Do Worse Than Be An Eater of Cereal

“I craved strong sweets, but those seemed strong when I was young”

When I was a kid, I would eat cereal all the time. Then when I grew older, I became interested in other, more sophisticated foodstuffs. But when the Wine Speculator asked me to do this report, I had a chance to relive those youthful days and try a number of pre-box samples from the '99 vintage. The results were eye opening, and I can honestly say I was quite impressed with just how much we, as a nation, have achieved. What the French and Italians can do with grapes is plonk compared to our amazing miracles of grain. And not only is the quality of our cereal high, but it's consistent from one year to the next, a tribute to our unparalleled methods of farming and production.

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