Short Films About Cell Phones Which Are Not Worth Making

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Cell Phone Short - One

This is a short film, like a commercial for a machine that scrambles people's cell phone signals. The machine is called Mr. Scrambler.

Scene One: In a coffee shop.

Man1: [Guy on cell phone is saying crazy personal stuff] "Yeah, I'm just sitting here in the coffee shop. Can you believe it? my office? Yeah, yeah, I know. So what about Rachel? She still having that problem, you know, with the yeast. [someone looks up from their cofee disgusted] "Yeah, I had a girlfriend with that. We got rid of it, but then it just kept coming back. [pause] [in rhetorical tone] "Oh yeah, tell me about it. Oh yeah, I'm still with Carol, but I've been seeing this hot little red head I met a few weeks ago." [guy looks over at person, who is staring at him] "Hey, buddy, do you mind, I'm tryin' to have a private conversation over here" [Guy talks back into phone] "So what was I saying?" [other customer buries head in hands, looking pained]

Voice over: "This won't happen if you use Mr. Scrambler"

[device is shown, device looks like a little "Mr. Mouth" head, with an antenna coming out of it and a hand drawn on it, giving the middle finger.]

Scene Two: Couple eating dinner in nice restaurant

There is an obnoxious person in background talking away on his cell phone. The couple look at each other. Then the guy smiles and reaches into a bag on the floor next to his chair.

Voice over: [hand is shown setting the dial on the device] "Just set the dial for 15 feet and let Mr. Scrambler do the rest."

[couple resumes their conversation, while guy in background is having trouble. He is shouting something into his phone. He is shaking his phone. He gets up and walks away from the table (presumably to go outside and get better reception). The couple turns and notices the guy. Then they turn back to each other. Then the woman smiles at the man.]

Voice Over: "Mr. Scrambler, look for it in a store near you." Cell Phone Short - Two

Set in coffee shop.

Man 1 is talking away on cell phone. saying something or maybe just laughing and saying yeah yeah, or something.

The camera notices another man trying to read, becoming increasingly frustrated. The camera moves back and forth from the cell phone guy to the customer trying to read. The guy is covering his ears. The guy swats at a fly (there really is a fly around his head, we're indoors, so this is funny). We are leading up to a western parody, so perhaps some quick shots of western stuff, such as a horse kicking up or something. Finally, the frustrated man gets up and walks over to the guy on the cell phone. He points his finger at the guy and immediately is surrounded by 7-10 people (other customers), who have jumped up and pulled cell phones out and are pointing them at the guy (like in a Western/Ganster movie when someone pulls out a gun and is surrounded by guns.]

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