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Post 2000

Black Books
Dylan Moran and The Other Guy's character clearly derived from Black Adder's Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson. But kinda doesn't too. But by comparison the storylines are underdeveloped. The female lead is a sort of randomly thrown in archetypal Trillion character from Hitchhiker's Guide. It kinda sort of works. Borrows some of the nihilistic and zaniness of The Young Ones, with Moran's sidekick being derived from The Young Ones' Neal. The show has some funny moments because Dylan Moran is a great comedian. Otherwise, it's just above average. B+

Knowing Me, Kowing You
Knowing Netflix, this may actually arrive some day and we'll be able to see it. Okay, it's here. I'm watching it. Aha. Steve Coogan plays the tactless, self-centered and horribly inept talk show host Alan Partridge in this parody. The character is clearly of the Gordon Brittas mold from last decade's Brittas Empire (A-). You may also remember Chris Barrie as Arnold Rimmer from the Red Dwarf series. Anyway, Knowing Me is pretty consistently funny with a some extremely funny bits ever few minutes and some genuinely clever writing throughout. A-