Such Is The Difference Between Big and Small

Ever notice how adults can be so much more magnanimous than children? Adults will often let things go. Kids will not. If you took Jimmyís Dragonball Z action figure, then Jimmy is going to either attempt to do real damage to you, tell mom, or both. There will be no appeals in this. But an adult, James, might just let it go. Why is this? Simple economics. You see, James knows he can earn $300,000 if he shows up to work every day and plays by 90% of the rules. Therefore, $3 is nothing to James. To Jimmy, on the other hand, $3 represents a substantial fraction of his weekly allowance. $3 is not nothing.

For a rational adult, most problems can be equated to small sums of money. Canít find a parking space? Valet it. Donít like your cocktail? Order another. Such problems are as insects to people with money. The true test of whether an adult is really laid back is time. Time is the only real currency for the moneyed American. See how James does with a flat tire, or a ten car pile-upóor even two, if itís the right two. And so I say put James in jail with Bubba for ten to fifteen, and give Jimmy his $3 back, with interest.

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