Best of Coldbacon

No New Material? No Problem.

The problem with a living text is that it's alive. Branches sprout to take advantage of new opportunities for sunlight. Over time, the young branches mature. Each revision adds more rings and strength, eventually, leading up to—an apple. But you will never find the apples, because almost as soon as they're formed they're buried, underneath the next cohort of branches. The site grows out of control. This cannot be helped. But for just two dollars more, we can provide you with a 'Best of Page' that will help point the way to some of the riper fruit. And what about this blatant self-congratulism? There's certainly nothing more sickening than a web page talking about itself at parties, as if anyone cared, as if it were real art or literature or anything. But recognition (even I'm the one who does the recognizing) is the sap that feeds the Freud that drives the publication if not the creation of the thing. Call it sap or call it what I call it—the future maple syrup of America.