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The street art world has become quite insane since it's popularization by Banksy. The demand for his work has fueled art speculation for him and other similar artists. Many releases are being bought, simply to resell on ebay with inflated prices. This is bad for everyone in my opinion.

Should these artists restrict their work simply to the streets? I'm not sure, each to their own. I think there are limits to how one should sell oneself, I often used to describe Obey/Shep Fairey as the US Banksy. However I think that this comparison is no longer true. Shep is an incorporated industry, and now has a European "division". Banksy does not mass produce in this way, and though his work is equally or more commercial, he has not committed to selling one new print every week, regardless of quality. Shep has done this.

I understand your concerns about taking street art to the galleries. However I think that ship has sailed. People want urban art in their houses, and as long as this is the case, artists and dealers alike will fill that void, with originals or replicas. I mean there are cases of people skinning or knocking down walls to get a Banksy. The demand is there, and in the interest of the building's safety, perhaps a paper representation of the work is not a bad idea.

Well those are my quickly disorganized thoughts on the situation. 

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June  2008