> i recognize three differences, in order of their importance:
> 1.  "The space between the canvas and the viewer is geometrised air.  It is air of a contained visual volume.  It

> is air outside the observer.  Our viewer, by and large, fixes himself in a static position and just looks at the

> work...from a distance.  He is in communion with the painting, yet three or four arm lengths away."
> -from Evening In Llano by John Hejduk
> steve l. of quondam.com is tailoring his work (that is relatively conventional) for online viewing -- which i

> believe debases the nature of the work.

> 2.  it's difficult to envision a web space that resembles the real space of a museum.  for example, the rothko

> chapel is a spiritual place that can't translate to web space -- unless, maybe if one had a very large screen

> and...   well, the paintings themselves don't translate.  you've gota be there -- and not in that sense that you've

> gota be there to see  laura owens's "there so fantafuckingabulousy big" paintings.  i haven't seen them.

> 3. the reduction in size.  the lack of 3D and tactility.