Pathos and The Art of Mark Ryden

a pic of it
From: Bacon
To: Kelly
Subject: who misses someone?

dude. what's with The Strokes? it's like a cross between Lou Reed and something else. i feel guilty about liking it so much. how could something so wrong feel so right.

From: Kelly
To: Bacon
Subject: Mark Ryden

Did you get my email from a few weeks ago where said I, "The Strokes are like the new Knack and will most likely implode in 1.5-3 years..." But I burned a copy of the album anyway.
Did you get the album cover with the butt on it (side view)?
Now, I really don't think The Strokes sound exactly like The Knack but their timing, presence, and ensuing hype make for apt comparison. They do "totally" sound like Lou Reed; have you listened to Rock and Roll (VU) and then compared it with "Hard to Explain" (Strokes)? Dude.

I just bought myself two birthday presents today. (and I am so not dropping my b-day on you—just justifying my purchases).
1. Air album w/ Kelly Watch The Stars on it.
2. A Mark Ryden Print which I took to Aaron Bros and got a frame and these really cool mattes. I never knew framing was so fucking expensive.

I attached a pic of it.

From: Bacon
To: Kelly
Subject: Mark Ryden

yes. i remember what you said about the strokes. can't wait to see if they implode or not.

> 1. Air album w/ Kelly Watch The Stars on it.
i remember exactly the way i felt when i was uploading that song for you to hear online.

>and got a frame and these really cool mattes.
you're right. it's totally all in the framing.

> I attached a pic of it.
dude. you bought that.1 cool. that's so you. i mean it's you. it's like. you. dude. it's cool. if i had been the one to discover him and not you, then i assure you there would much more mark ryden boosting on the site.

1 Tonal Point: as if i only saw the picture just now and not earlier in the email. who am i kidding? fragging email is awkward.
Overall, it's an interesting relationship in which she says things like 'i attached it' and my head swells and we both say 'dude' a lot at each other. And worst of all, has my site finally dwindled into a shitty 'personal diary' project? On the other hand, the good news is, I can always delete these exchanges, right?

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