Lyrics for 'What's Opera Doc?'

(Elmer) Be very quiet I'm hunting rabbits
(E) Rabbit tracks!!!
(E) Kill the rabbit, kill the rabbit, kill the rabbit
(B) Kill the rabbit?
(E) Yo ho to oh! Yo ho to oh! Yo ho...
(B) O mighty warrior of great fighting stock
(B) Might I enquire to ask, eh, what's up doc??
(E) I'm going to kill the rabbit!!
(B) Oh mighty hunter t'will be quite a task
(B) How will you do it, might I inquire to ask??
(E) I will do it with my spear and magic helmet!
(B) Your spear and magic helmet?
(E) Spear & magic helmet!
(B) Magic helmet?
(E) Magic helmet!
(B) Magic helmet
(E) Yes, magic helmet, and I'll give you a sample
(B) Bye
(E) That was the rabbit
(E) Oh Brunhilda, you're so lovely
(B) Yes I know it I can't help it
(E) Oh Brunhilda be my love
(E) Return my love a longing burns deep inside me
(B) Return my love I want you always beside me
(E) Love like ours must be
(B) Made for you and for me
(B&E) Return won't you return my love for my love is yours
(E) I'll kill the rabbit
(E) Arise storms
(E) North winds blow, south winds blow
(E) Typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, smog
(E) Flash lightning strike the rabbit
(E) What have I done?? I've killed the rabbit....
(E) Poor little bunny, poor little rabbit...
(B) Well what did you expect in an opera, a happy ending???

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