Contemporary Art Exhibit

[flash.swf] only after the reader has read the entire piece or no no - during the entire time you are reading the piece - on the other half of the screen - you see the dots and circles doing their dance - and only at some point do you become aware of what is going on - but the clip will be the huge circle and dots will come in and be greeted by a dot which is now obviously the waiter? Hostess? Then the dots will be seated across each other. New dots will come in and go and be seated and so on waiters will come and wait on them. You will project and imagine even what conversations might be happening between the different dots. A lone dot might get up and walk to the restroom. You will experience it like what the hell is that dot doing. Then it will occur to you that it's going to the bathroom. dots have to go to the bathroom too.

Water Fountain
There is a water fountain where the stream is just out of reach from standing at the lever. If you want a drink, you must ask someone for help.

Toilet Arrangement
There are two urinals arranged back to back. There is only one handle, which flushes both urinals. It is customary to wait for the other person to finish.

You walk into the restaurant and are seated directly across from the person with whom you arrived. Only the table is very large, so you cannot hear what your recent companion is saying. They will be sitting next to other people who were also parts of groups.

Toll Booth
There is a toll booth where you do not pay for yourself, but for the car that is behind you.
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