Haegue Yang




The primary focus of my artistic practice lies in a form of cultural, social and economic assessment. I am especially interested in evaluating objects, facts, situations and structures, which often lose their possibility of expression due to their common nature (natural and ordinary state of being). Despite their common nature however they possess a certain importance. Instead of reforming the pre-existing materials/things (system) by means of intensive handwork in order to reevaluate it for my own purposes, I prefer the smallest possible juxtaposition; the objects remain almost as they have been. Mediating materials or media are not always a part of my design conception; rather they are selected and constantly redefined for the investigation of any possible statement. In this way they remain a subject of artistic expression, even if somewhat limited. Most important to my work is maintaining an open stance toward the outer world, without over-simplifying its reality or allowing a self-satisfied ignorance to overly reduce the problematics of everyday life. Thus, the ability to make (establish) distinctions unpretentiously takes on a crucial value in my work. I allow these social and economic assessments to be experienced intersubjectively in all their commonness and thereby make them graspable.

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