Architectural Elements Explained

the construction site formerly known as Rice University Embrasure
The embrasure is a wonderful accent to a good window. That's all I got to say!

Colonnade (depicted at right)
The second story colonnade is perhaps the crowning element in earth architecture, if for no other reason than the response it engenders. It invites you to come up and have some tea and a smoke with a friend or perhaps sit and read a small book. Of course, only the highest officials have access to the second story colonnade. And these are the men who don't understand about friends or books or real tea. And so the dream must wait. For some, this undischarged tension makes the colonnade a perennial object of desire.

Outside-Inside Thing
This is when a new addition is built around an existing building, preferably one with red brick walls. It could be a simple sun room added onto a private home, or it could be of a larger scale, such a new science library built around a four story physics building (with red brick walls). To be able to sit and spin in a five-footed chair next to a red brick wall, at seventy degrees, in Winter, seems one step nearer to God. I hate college kids.

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There's a new style of architecture, it's called 'American throw up.'