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Is there a word for way overqualified?
Picturesque pages of beautiful towns, October 4, 1997
Reviewer: A reader from United States
Have not bought this book, however, it's on my top five books to purchase. I haven't travelled to Tuscany yet, however, the beautiful photography really comes close to capturing the essence of the beautiful towns. This book will be a treasure for any home.

Tracks "too unpredictable" and songs "stuck in my head for no apparent reason"
roxy469@hotmail.com from Houston , May 3, 1999
Fitting for the movie, but too strange otherwise I initially got this cd for "Lust for Life", & basically it was all I played over & over when I 1st got it. Then I overplayed New Order's "Temptation"...then Blur's "Sing"...& that was about it. I kinda have to be in the mood for the rest of the tracks, like after I watch the movie. For the movie, the tracks fit. The tracks by themselves are too unpredictable to listen to in 1 sitting. Oh yah, Pulp's "Mile End" had some strange effect on me, in that it would be stuck in my head for no apparent reason.

Unintentionally* Funny Review of Conan the Barbarian soundtrack
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The Most Savage Music Of All! CONAN THE BARBARIAN!, October 30, 1998
Reviewer: Son Nguy (markorin@uscom.com) (see more about me) from NJ, USA

All I can say is the music is fantastic! Listening to the cd transports you to a long-forgotten time of savage heroes and mighty kingdoms. This is the best soundtrack! Anvil of Crom, Riders of Doom, Atlantean Sword, Wheel of Pain, Civilization (just to mention a few), all of the soundtracks on this cd were good. The songs all have their place in the movie (ex. Battle of the Mounds actually sounded like getting ready for war and at one part of the track, there was a hopeful tune playing at the scene when Conan prayed to Crom. Very dramatic and sicere!). This is a once in a lifetime composition that I don't think Basil can ever duplicate again or surpass. It sounds so authentically ancient that I wouldn't be surprised if Basil travelled 14,000 years back in time to an era similiar to Conan's and came back to the present to write the music (well, I almost wouldn't be surprised!):P

* At least I think it was unintentional

  • Long-forgotten by whom?
  • (just to mention a few)
  • Songs all with their place in the movie! Authentically ancient Sounds! All soundtracks on this cd were good!
  • duplicate again?

Life is in the Details: The Collected Reviews of the OXO Good Grips 9-Inch Whisk (1999-2000)
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I even whip cream now, July 13, 2000
Reviewer: nameremoved (see more about me) from Milwaukee, WI USA
I am a quadriplegic/tetraplegic (C5-6 if you care). I have about 1/3 use of my hands and 1/2 use of my arms. I can use most whisks with some effort, however, this Oxo one is almost effort-free for me. I even whip small amounts of cream (1/2 pint or less) because this whisk works so well for me.

My mother, who has mild arthritis, loves this whisk as well.

This whisk is a nice size for whipping up a small amount of eggs (2-8), cream, crepes, etc. You'll need a full size whisk for more substantial recipes.

As with most Oxo tools it is very ergonomically designed: it fits the hand and does the job it is supposed to do.

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Oxo Whisk, June 13, 2000
Reviewer: Cynthia L. Sliker from Pennsylvania
All oxo products are a dream to use, so the whisk was a very welcome addition to my kitchen stash. The handle is so comfortable, that it makes each and every whisking job a breeze. The only reason I give it four stars rather than five, is the fact that I have difficulty cleaning the small ripples on the handle.

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LET ME WHISK YOU AWAY, June 12, 2000
Bye whisking you away I froth, foam and easily handle all your whisking problems away. My handle is so secure it will absoutley amaze you with its workability. Please try me so I can whisk you into my recipes, now!

I came to this product on Amazon because I get a list of what people buy from Amazon having linked from my site, so whenever someone buys something unusual, which to me, includes cookware purchased from Amazon, I naturally have to see what the hell they bought. "I even whip cream now' is certainly a catchy title, so I read on. Now, I do not in any way wish to make fun of quadriplegics (I don't know what a tetraplegic is, so I couldn't make fun of that anyway). But I think this combination of reviews is just so odd that it bears reprinting.

[paste rest of comments here]

Hon. Lou P. Nizer, Jr. (Ret.)'s Public Reviews
The Chronicles of Narnia BOXED SET : The Magician's Nephew; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; The Horse and His Boy; Prince Caspian; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; The Silver Chair; and The Last Battle
by C. S. Lewis, Pauline Baynes(Illustrator)

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Commercialism to the Max, December 5, 2000
I bought these books to have something nice to read to my grandkids. I had to stop, however, because the books are nothing more than advertisments for "Turkish Delight," a candy popular in the U.K. The whole point of buying books for my grandkids was to give them a break from advertising, and here (throughout) are ads for this "Turkish Delight"! How much money is this Mr. Lewis getting from the Cadbury's chocolate company anyway? This man must be laughing to the bank!

Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
by Merriam-Webster

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Not Interesting at All!, December 4, 2000
I've heard of avant-garde writing, but this is ridiculous! First of all, there is no discernable plot. Second of all, no style - hard even to find a narrative "voice" although the author does adopt a scholarly, fairly arrogant tone that calls to mind Nabakov's "Humpbert Humpbert." All this is is words and, in some sad last look at modernism and its desire to classify, their "meanings." The words appear to be in alphabetical order, although I have not read all of this, and there are suggested techniques for speaking the words - the author's desire to impose him/herself (Merriam Webster? must be a woman) is wholly lacking in even basic awareness of cultural studies. Nevertheless, one does appreciate attempts at new literature. Still, I'd like to take this to the shed out back with my copy of "Of Grammatology" and deconstruct it.

Best Of George Harrison
George Harrison
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Dark Horse? More like Lame Duck!, December 4, 2000
Who is this George Harrison? I bought this CD because a friend told me it was full of "retro"- sounding contemporary "hip" alternative tunes that would help me understand what kind of stuff my kids are into. Instead, I get this odd stuff that sounds older even than me. And my kids just laugh when I try to relate to them in "Dark Horse" lingo. Why are they laughing at me??? If you want to but a CD that your kids are listening to so that you do not feel like a "stick in the mud" when driving them to and from school, by all means do NOT but this one. It sounds like it was recorded in the '70's!

A Civil Action
by Jonathan Harr
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A Wonderful Text: John Travolta Impresses Me More Every Day, November 14, 2000
I must say, I loved this book. But what amazes me the most is the versatility of that John Travolta. First he's a great dancer, next a scientologist. Now, an attorney? How did he even have time to attend Cornell Law School, as the book suggests! Well, now he is certainly a personal hero for trying to achieve justice for all those poor families in Woburn.

Catspaw : The Famed Trial Attorney's Heroic Defense of a Man Unjustly Accused
by Louis Nizer
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Excellent: On the field and in Court, Nizer was a God, November 10, 2000
This book shows one of our greatest legal minds, a close relative of mine, at work. Very few people know that in addition to being a star attorney, Louis Nizer (the author of the book, not myself) was an all- star baseball player in the ill-fated Norewigan pro- baseball leage. This book unpacks both, and Nizers love of felines. A smash hit!

Andrei Tarkovsky's Mirror
Reviewer: Arlan Ebel (see more about me) from Denver
I don't care who found this review helpful

Tarkovsky As Teacher, April 14, 2002
This film is a work of genius and I feel it is Tarkovsky's most concentrated and clear effort in terms of the raw elements of his style (vision). Contrary to what many viewers say, it only takes a few careful viewings to grasp its basic chronological sequence which is deliberately drawn away from the surface of the film by Tarkovsky in order to focus on the deeper realities of time and memory experienced as image. There is nothing random about the flow of images in this film. If Tarkovsky had wanted the chronological sequence to be more immediately discernable, then he would have made it so. He has a different objective here. He is trying to speak to the viewer in purely cinematic, non-literary terms. One of the functions of spoken poetry in this film is precisely to create a contrast and to keep these different elements distinct from each other. In spite of the lush quality of the surface of Tarkovsky's work, his style is essentially a matter of a language that is made of a strict, tight sequence of concentrated images. What Tarkovsky is experimenting with in this great film is the degree to which a cinematic work can be purely cinematic, rather than being a derivative of literature or drama. Cinema is an art of sequenced images, and if it cannot stand up on its own primarily on this fact, then it is only a derivative art form. The quest of Tarkovsky's artistic life was to bring cinema as an art form more fully into its own. He believed that it had the capacity to be the most profound of art forms in terms of conveying spiritual truth. In this, the film maker that Tarkovsky has the most in common with is Robert Bresson who seems so different from him on the surface. But consider this quote from Tarkovsky's book, Sculpting In Time:
"I have always been amazed by Bresson: his concentration is extraordinary. Nothing incidental could ever creep in to his rigidly ascetic selection of means of expression; he could never 'toss off' a picture. Serious, profound, noble, he is one of those masters whose every film becomes a fact of their spiritual existence."
Please watch this great film and from it learn about what cinema has the possibility of being, rather than wondering why it is not more like conventional films. Tarkovsky possibly has something real to teach. —This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

This seems like a great music review (it's by an "editor"):

In 2002, the Norwegian duo of Svein Berge and Torbjorn Brundtland found a sweet spot between wispy Moon Safari-style pop and Boards of Canada-like atmospherics on the widely-admired Melody A.M. The Understanding sounds relatively absent-minded, careening around the room like a panicky fly. Some of it works well; the bouncy "Only This Moment" resembles Fischerspooner at their silliest (and thus, most fun), while "49 Percent" gets a huge lift from a New Jack vocal courtesy of Chelonis R. Jones. But the record is too often thwarted by syrupy synth-pop ("Follow My Ruin") as well as the lack of shifty downtempo rhythms and avant-garde underpinnings that kept Melody so pleasantly grounded. They haven’t lost their knack for subtle hooks and well-placed cross-rhythms, like the slippery keyboard squibble that glides its way into "What Else Is There?" But the sophomore curse is hard to overcome, and though there’s plenty here to recommend, Berge and Brundtland aren’t able to break the spell. – Matthew Cooke

* I made the forthcoming page/link in 1998.